An Outrageous Collection of Letters to President Obama

Publishing Date: August 2013

Publisher: BB Books LLC

Author: Marc Berlin

190 pages

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Formats: Kindle, e-book, hard cover, paperback

From celebrities as diverse as Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, Dennis Rodman, and Steven Spielberg, to anonymous everyday citizens like the minimum-wage waitress in Oklahoma and a dry cleaner named Al Kayda in Wisconsin, Obama hears it, and gets it, from everyone.  

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Publishing Date: August 2012

Publisher: BB Books LLC

Author: Marc Berlin

98 pages

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Formats: Kindle and Paperback


Some people are skeptical about religion. Others about politics. And still others about romance. But what about those who sniff out pure BS on just about everything? 

Now they have the only resource they’ll ever need to guide them through an irreverent look at the “big questions” that have intrigued all of mankind for centuries: thought-provoking inquiries from “What’s the Worst Country in the World?” to “Can I Predict When I Will Die?” and everything in between. 

The Skeptic’s Handbook pulls no punches, and no topic is off limits. But rather than offend, it simply makes you laugh as you realize that ultimately the dumbest thing we can do is to take life too seriously. 

Why miss out on the absurdity of it all, when that can be such a big part of the fun? Filled with one-page reflections, each designed to answer a “profound” question (such as “Are There Any Jews in Mongolia?”), this indispensable resource will leave you marveling at the foolish nonsense of a world that somehow manages to function despite the often bizarre machinations of a species known as homo sapiens. Laughter really can sometimes be the best medicine…though a hard-core skeptic will be quick to point out that medication is just as likely to kill you.



Publishing Date: September 2012

Publisher: BB Books LLC

Author: Marc Berlin

68 pages

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Formats: Kindle and Paperback

You've seen them, and maybe even read them: strange, offbeat news stories that defy credibility: the young man who proposed to his own mother, the fellow who travelled with aliens on his lunchbreak, or the woman who exploded at a party. 

These and other possibly true news stories, which first appeared in local newspapers, have, for the first time in recorded history, been compiled within the pages of one book -- sparing you, the reader, the endless, tedious search that would be required to find them yourself, assuming you wanted to. 

So sit back, relax, hopefully in a nice comfy chair near an actual working fireplace, and find out what real America has been reading about. You'll be glad you did!

Marc Berlin  •  copyright 2014