Marc Berlin is a producer of independent 
feature films and documentaries. 

Crime Scene: The Bobby Ray Summers Story

(2008, USA, 76 minutes, color, mock documentary)

Written, Directed, Edited and Photographed by Marc Berlin


Synopsis: In this mock-documentary parody of TV crime shows, it’s “Spinal Tap” meets “American Justice”. Bobby Ray Summers (played by Don Puglisi, Taking Woodstock, Life on Mars) is a 30-year-old unmarried janitor with more on his mind than mops. Sure, he’s a total loser who lives with his parents, but he also makes the most of his ample spare time by kidnapping sexy young librarians and tying lonely housewives to trees. Oh, he also likes Mozart, art museums, and torturing small birds and rodents. Through interviews with Ray’s family, his victims, and delightfully cheesy re enactments, we’re given the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. In the end, “Crime Scene: The Bobby Ray Summers Story” is a Python-esque view of American criminal justice at its most hilarious. 

Bedford Springs 

(2002, USA, 88 minutes, color, narrative feature) 

Written and Directed by Marc Berlin.   

Synopsis: Guy, 26, lives in the sleepy oceanside town of Bedford Springs. Feeling trapped by his small-town surroundings, with no girlfriend, no job, and six weeks behind on his rent, he's sinking quickly. Guy realizes he needs to make a change, and fast. Guy's closest and only friend, Carl, feels trapped too: he's desperate to break up with his girlfriend Julie, and move out of the house he shares with his overweight mother. Driving by the beach one morning with Carl, Guy encounters a mysterious and beautiful young woman, (The Girl), and the pair soon become lovers. Seeing a better life may finally be within reach, but now seriously low on cash, Guy enlists Carl in a series of small-time robberies. But Guy's well-laid plans quickly begin to unravel, and his life takes a turn he could never predict. Well-acted, funny, and completely original, Bedford Springs is a slice-of-life dark romantic comedy audiences will never forget. Featuring music by: Muddy Waters, Patsy Cline, Lucy Kaplansky, Jon Rosenberg, and F. Schubert. 

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Dry Town 

(2005, USA , 65 minutes, color, documentary) 

Written and Directed by Marc Berlin.  

Synopsis: In the spring of 2005, the citizens of Rockport, Massachusetts, a seaside tourist village, faced an important decision: whether to keep their 300-year old town "dry", meaning no alcohol could be sold anywhere, or to go "wet" for the first time in 160 years. For four weeks, filmmaker Marc Berlin (People From Space, Bedford Springs, The Man Who Knew Bush) documented the everyday lives, and opinions, of the people of Rockport as they hotly debated the issue. As voting day drew closer, the town became increasingly divided, with longtime friends becoming enemies overnight. Ultimately, the filmmaker found Rockport to be a lot more than just a sleepy New England town debating booze: Dry Town is a poignant, hilarious reflection of us all -- as American as apple pie, boiled lobster, and a fifth of gin. A movie true film-lovers will never forget. 

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The Man Who Knew Bush

(2004, USA, 75 Minutes, color, documentary)

Written and Directed by Marc Berlin

Synopsis: George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, had a storybook life before arriving in office via a contentious 2000 election. Many Americans, however, are unaware of who, or more importantly, what, Bush pretends not to be: a very wealthy, extremely well-connected northeastern Yankee blueblood. 

Fortunately, six months prior to the 2004 election, documentary filmmaker Marc Berlin discovered someone who did know these things: Vernon Craig. Distantly related to the Bush's, and victim of a Dubya sucker-punch outside a New Haven bar in 1968, Craig agreed to be interviewed about his extensive knowledge of, and connection to, the Bush-Walker dynasty. Guiding us to those elite places and institutions which played a role in forming George W.'s right-wing politics--from the sprawling Walker estate in Kennebunkport to Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and finally the ivied walls of Yale University and Skull and Bones--Vernon Craig, "The Man Who Knew Bush", wryly explains what George W. Bush is, and how, precisely, he became the most powerful man in the world.

People From Space 

(1999, USA , 90 minutes, color) 

Written and Directed by Marc Berlin.   

Synopsis: Missy and Sean, a cool yet not very swift couple, head to the home of their friends, Felicia and Bob, searching for something to do on a beautiful Saturday morning. While scanning the newspaper, Bob suddenly remembers hearing about an alien spacecraft that supposedly crashed at nearby Beavertail Lake, and a reward of $100,000 to anyone who can locate it. Always up for an adventure, Bob gathers his troops and their journey begins. Faster than you can say, "Signs", Bob and his gang get lost as they head to the "crash site." Along the way, they encounter a variety of strange people, places, and things, including a sex-tree, Orgasm Trail, Twig Man, and a weird pulsating light. Whatever the result, someone, or some-thing, is way way out there. L.A. Film Festival, Santa Monica Film Festival.

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 "A SMALL GEM" Toronto Globe and Mail

Tornado Chronicles
(1996, USA, 60 Minutes, color, documentary)
Compiled and Edited by Marc Berlin

Deadly tornadoes wreak havoc across small-town America.

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